The new generation anti-decubitus

The Nocubi lying system is a completely newly developed anti-decubitus lying system. It provides a continuous, dynamic pressure change - and runs so slowly, smoothly and quietly that you don't notice a thing.

No fear of pressure sores
Sleep through the night
Active system silent
Comfortable lying feeling
New thought

The Nocubi lying system

is the anti-decubitus bedding system you've always wanted.

Nocubi solves problems with pressure ulcer prophylaxis

Advantages with the Nocubi lying system

Novel operating principle

The functional principle of the Nocubi bed system was developed from scratch and takes into account the causes of bedsores in a unique way. Thus, Nocubi can show clear progress compared to current systems and herald the new generation of anti-decubitus!

Works silently

The Nocubi electric motor is one of the quietest on the market and is acoustically decoupled from the system - it is not perceived during operation. This allows a quiet sleep through with optimal anti-decubitus effect.

Active system not noticeable

The electrically driven system continuously changes the points of support for those lying on it. In the process, the system runs so slowly that it is below the perception threshold for those affected - pressure ulcer prophylaxis has never been so pleasant.

Comfortable lying

On the active system, which individually adapts to the contour of the body, there is a comfortable high-tech topper. This is highly breathable and promotes active ventilation of the skin. Thus, Nocubi offers a comfortable and soft lying, with additional benefits for decubitus prophylaxis.

Water and air permeable Nocubi topper with high anti-decubitus properties.
Nocubi user Martin in wheelchair
"Our Nocubi is an unimaginable gain in quality of life for my wife and me!
The best thing: No more fear of pressure sores and we both sleep through the nights again."

Martin Kempf

Paraplegic since his accident in 2008

About us

Nocubi Team

Our goal is to achieve a significant improvement in care that makes life easier for everyone involved, while reducing the burden of care and costs.

In September 2020, Timo Spalek and Nocubi were honored as one of eight HSG Entrepreneurial Talents at the University of St. Gallen. An award for particularly promising startups and founders.

Dr. Markus Spalek
Managing Partner
Timo Spalek
Managing Partner

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